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The telephone system for small businesses, lawyers, service or manufacturing companies.
Professional features for greater productivity like CTI integration in Outlook, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Time scheduled switching and call groups support daily communication routines.

Strong points
  • Including 4 S0 Ports (8 channels)
  • ISDN/T1 or VoIP in mixed operation
  • Integration in virtually every CRM system
  • Full range of features
  • Up to 40 extensions
Technical Specifications

Recommended number of users  : 5-40
Max. SIP connections : 20
Max. ISDN connections : 8
Simultanious conferences : 5
Simultanious voice recordings : 3
ISDN S0 Ports: 1 × 4-Port S0
PCI Slots total: 1
Analog FXS Ports optional¹: 8
10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet Ports: 1
USB (Front) for Desaster Recovery: Yes
VoIP Connection
SIP providers: unlimited
SIP Trunking: Yes

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