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Teles iGATE

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The iGATE connects fixed telecommunications networks to mobile networks and enhances the functionality of a corporate PBX.
• Converts fixed-to-mobile calls into cost-saving mobile-to-mobile calls
• Integrated Mobile Number Portability ends costly cross-network calls
• Integrated VoIP gateway
• PSTN support (PRI and BRI, SS7)
• Powerful Least Cost Routing
• Seamless integration into existing telecom infrastructures
• Fixed network backup via mobile
• Fully vGATE SIM Server compatible
Field-proven Mobile Gateways
Invest in outstanding value and benefit from cost saving mobile-to-mobile calls. The premium suite of features ensures complete compatibility with your current telecommunication equipment and total interoperability with all third-party VoIP equipment.
Save time and effort during installation as a result of built-in, designed compatibility. The TELES iGATE and vGATE SIM Server are the only team of products designed from scratch to interoperate. You avoid complex and unstable third-party to third-party gateway to SIM server configurations.
Flexible and Versatile Connectivity
Benefit from outstanding versatility. The iGATE includes a VoIP gateway with up to 32 VoIP channels, 32 mobile channels, 2 E1/‌T1 interfaces, and a LAN connection. Independent of the network type, the iGATE can connect to different local or remote VoIP and mobile networks – including GSM, 3G UMTS and CDMA – and can switch between each single incoming to any outgoing channel.
Least Cost Routing
Save money on every phone call. iGATE's LCR (Least Cost Routing) features automatically route calls from your PBX – via the least expensive route – to each destination, whether that is over a standard fixed-line network, a mobile network, or over the Internet. Plus, LCR combines with other superior call-routing capabilities that are based on, for example, called party, CLIP/CLIR, time-of-day, time quota, service quality, and SIM card profile.
Guaranteed Voice Quality
Ensure superior voice quality. In addition to all the standard VoIP features – like echo cancellation, silence suppression and comfort noise – iGATE's premium feature set includes the best available DSPs, traffic shaping, and multi-level fallback. A variety of voice speech compression codecs reduce bandwidth need and RTP multiplexing technology enables even further bandwidth reduction.
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