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MAX Remote Management

IT security and management doesn’t need to be complicated, costly and time-consuming. With ControlNow, businesses and resellers can benefit from a comprehensive, cloud-based platform. Protecting entire IT environments – and the workforce depending on them – at any time, from anywhere has never been easier. It’s time to take control of IT management.
Seven solutions, one dashboard
MAX Remote Mangement is a comprehensive, hosted management and security platform built for you, the in-house IT administrator. Our all-in-one web console enables you to easily oversee your network at any time from anywhere with integrated antivirus, patch management, web protection, monitoring, remote control and free asset tracking. Save time, cut costs and ensure you’re in control of your IT estate.

Remote Control
Deliver support that quickly fixes remote company computers – even if those machines are unattended. It doesn’t matter whether the machine you need to access is within reach or beyond the walls of the office. From your own workspace, you can quickly and easily take control remotely to fix issues. Just one click opens a fast, secure connection. With ControlRemote, you don’t need to first contact the user or enter additional login credentials.

Easily configure ControlAntivirus on all your servers, workstations and laptops from a central point of control. In minutes, you’ll activate advanced threat monitoring and real-time threat detection across your endpoints as part of your defense against malware and zero-day dangers.

Guarantee your customers’ business continuity with hybrid cloud backup & disaster recovery. Super-easy to manage through a single pane of glass for onsite and offsite protection. You can backup & recover at a file, application or machine level and protect physical and virtual machines with one-handed shortcuts. Give your customers peace of mind while you relax and let us do the hard work.

Patch Management
How many different update mechanisms do you need to track so that you’re fairly certain all your third-party programs are up-to-date? The sheer volume of updates each software vendor releases can be quite overwhelming. ControlPatch simplifies the job by automating the full deployment process as soon as vendors release updates.

Practice proactive monitoring
Ensure all workstations, servers and laptops operate at peak performance. Automated checks and customizable alerts enable you to address issues before they burn your business. It’s always better to foresee a possible problem than scramble to address one after it strikes. This requires quick and clear visibility of your IT environment. ControlMonitoring ensures you have it – at all times. Knowing which servers and workstations are reaching their limits gives you time to create and execute a plan before system performance and workforce productivity suffer.

Web Protection
Keep your company safe from security breaches, legal liability and costly virus clean-ups by blocking malicious websites and receiving alerts about bandwidth consumption. Video chats, streaming media and continual content downloads increase the drain on company bandwidth. If done in excess, these bandwidth-hogging actions can bring business operations to a crawl. Stay on top of bandwidth usage with alerts when devices exceed thresholds so you can quickly take action to avoid unwanted costs or a throttled network.

Asset Tracking
Stay up-to-date with a detailed inventory of installed software, configured hardware and authorized users – critical information available to you via the cloud-based console. The first step in gaining complete control of your network is having a firm understanding of the hardware and software that exists in your IT environment. Armed with this information, you can more efficiently plan and execute hardware refreshes and software upgrades, as well as ensure the change management process runs smoothly.

Product Range
 ProductProduct codeDescription
 MAX MonitoringMAX-Mon devis
 MAX Patch Management MAX-PM devis
 MAX Take Control MAX-TC devis
 MAX Web Protection MAX-WP devis
 MAX BackupMAX-BK devis
 MAX Asset TrackingMAX-AT devis
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