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Loquendo TTS

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Loquendo TTS is speech synthesis software able to read any text naturally and expressively, thanks to an extensive portfolio of over 30 languages with more than 70 voices.

Loquendo’s synthetic voices offer a rich variety of advanced features: they are expressive and natural-sounding, they can read in several different styles, they are able to cry and to laugh, and they can correctly interpret text message abbreviations, acronyms and emoticons. They can even speak foreign languages, while maintaining their native accent, thanks to Mixed Language Support.

Loquendo Text to Speech software is easy to integrate because it supports all majoroperating systems, all major speech-related standards, and is available in an extensive choice of configurations to meet the requirements of any application or platform – and always with the same wide range of high quality languages and male and female voices.

Thanks to several product profiles Loquendo Text to Speech is available for any application environment, whether Telephony, Web, Desktop, Embedded, Automotive or Mobile.
Speech synthesis offers a great many advantages:

• it can transform any type of content into speech, including highly dynamic data
• by substituting human speakers when creating messages, it avoids the need for expensive and time consuming studio recordings
• it minimizes user distraction while driving, operating machinery or providing emergency services
• it is ideal for maximizing time when on the move
• it reduces barriers to accessibility, simplifying interaction with technology for elderly, blind and partially sighted people
• it allows companies to make significant savings each year

With the naturalness and fluency of Loquendo’s synthetic voices you can create messages rapidly and cost-effectively (enter text, press play, save), modifying and updating them at any time at little or no additional cost by simply editing your written prompts. If, however, the result is not exactly what you were looking for, Loquendo provides a wide range of tools for tuning and optimizing prompts.

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