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Loquendo ASR

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Loquendo ASR is speech recognition software. It is extremely fast, highly accurate and at the heart of many Loquendo solutions. Thanks to the most advanced neural network technologies, along with excellent robustness to background noise, it guarantees high performance even on large-scale vocabulary speech, whether using speech grammars or statistical language models. All this enables a dialogue with the user which is simple and natural. In a word, human.

Loquendo ASR is ideal for any application environment, whether Telephony, Web, Desktop, Embedded, Automotive or Mobile, thanks to specific product profiles, and is equipped with specialized acoustic models to always guarantee maximum performance whatever the application context. Furthermore, because it is speaker independent, it is ready-to-use, requiring no prior training.

Available in many languages, Loquendo speech recognition powers interactive services that manage millions of calls every day, such as voice portals, automated call centers, directory enquiries and mobile applications.
Loquendo voice recognition software is compatible with all major operating systems andspeech standards, and offers a wide choice of configuration options to meet the needs of any application or platform, always guaranteeing the highest level of performance. 

Loquendo ASR can be configured for Word Spotting, enabling real-time call analysis, and also supports Speaker Verification.

Speech Recognition has many advantages:

• it enables the automation of call centers, cutting waiting times and offering a 24/7 service
• it makes information searches and interaction between people and machines faster and more effective
• it guarantees data protection, because data is only dealt with by automated systems
• together with speaker verification, it establishes an additional level of security
• it enables increased efficiency in the workplace when hands are busy
• it reduces distraction behind the wheel
• it simplifies the use of mobile phones and domestic appliances, creating a more intuitive interaction and reducing the number of steps required to reach an objective
• it enables businesses to make significant cost savings every year.
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