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LX PRO 6000

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Ergonomics, extreme lightness and excellent sound reproduction are undeniable assets of Lexound PRO 6000 known as the most efficient and affordable headset in its category.
A record weight of 30 grams and memory foam ear-pads covered by protein leather make the LX PRO 6000 provide the unique feeling of wearing nothing while ensuring sound quality far above the standards.
With a little bulky and advanced noise-cancelling system, the LX PRO 6000 is equipped with a thin microphone boom arm, flexible, adjustable and cancel up to 80% of the background noise.
Having passed the accelerated aging tests (HALT: Highly Accelerated Life Test), the LX PRO 6000 is the perfect combination of lightness, ergonomics, acoustic performance and durability.
LX PRO 6000 is available in monaural and binaural designs.

Strong points

- Extreme lightness, ergonomics and durability
- Advanced noise-cancelling system to cancel 80% of background noise
- Acoustic qualities far above the standards
- Comfortable memory foam ear-pads covered by protein leather
- Adjustable microphone boom arm
- Acoustic Shock Protection

Technical Specifications
Headband length: 155 mm (expandable to 230 mm)
Cable Length: 0.95 m + cordon (1.5 à 2.15 m)
Microphone arm rotation: 340°
Microphone boom arm: Flexible
Materials: ABS
Headset dimensions: 150 x 190 x 52 cm
Net weight (without QD cord): B = 65 g, M = 45g
QD cord type: RJ9, USB, Jack 2,5, Y
Electronic: microphone
Dimensions: Φ6 x 5 mm
Sensitivity (μ Bar, OdB = 1v / μ Bar): -42±3dBPa @1k Hz (ref: 0dB=1V/Pa)
Impedance: 2200 Ω
Noise-cancelling: Yes
Directivity: Bidirectional
Electronic: speakers
Dimensions: Φ28 mm
Sensitivity (dB/SPL): 94 ± 3dB for 100mV@1k Hz
Impedance: 150-ohm±20%
Frequency response: 100 - 8000Hz (Wideband)
ASP (Acoustic Shock Protection): Yes
Memory foam ear-pads covered by protein leather: Yes
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