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IP Media 5000

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The IPmedia 5000 Media Server enables Network Equipment Providers(NEPs), Application Developers and System Integrators (SIs) to offer ServiceProviders revenue-generating enhanced voice services over a high-densityand robust solution.

Deliver Enhanced Voice Services
The IPmedia 5000 enables NEPs to significantly enhance their networksolutions. Media processing technologies, such as voice record/playback,announcements, echo cancellation, voice mixing, DTMF (detection/generation) and transcoding ensure delivery of advanced services beyond the scope of basic dial tone service. These include conferencing, network announcements, voice mail, auto-attendant, and Interactive Voice Response(IVR). AudioCodes application partners provide a variety of applications jointly with the AudioCodes IPmedia product line to benefit service providers.

Robust Building Block for Converged Networks
The IPmedia 5000 is designed and optimized to serve as a Multimedia Resource Function Processor (MRFP) in Wireline and 3G Wireless networks that have adopted the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) architecture. Aspart of an IMS architecture, the IPmedia 5000 will provide a robust,scalable MRFP to provide application developers and service providers with the infrastructure to offer a wide range of applications and services.

Deploy a Right-sized, Reliable Solution
The IPmedia 5000 matches the density requirements for high-density applications and locations in the network while meeting the requirementsfor a market-ready full-featured media processing server. The IPmedia 5000 is specifically fine-tuned to meet demand, with a density scale from 1000 to 8000 ports that provides high capacity for the entire gamut of interactive enhanced voice services. The IPmedia 5000 provides a cost-effective N+1 in-the-chassis redundancy scheme on the media server blades which enables a highly available service offering at all times.

Strong points
• Extensive media processing
• Flexible deployment options
• Highly scale and dense product
• Small footprint
• Designed for NEBS Level 3
• Redundant Common equipment(controller, power, ethernet switch)
• Optional N+1 protection of MediaServer Boards
• VOIP, VoATM and PSTN support
• Optimal, cost-effective channel density
• Open architecture
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