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IP Media 3000

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Deliver Enhanced Voice Services
The IPmedia 3000 provides the media processing power required to enable revenue-generating enhanced services. Media processing technologies, such as record & playback, announcements, media mixing and transcoding ensure delivery of advanced services beyond the scope of basic dial tone service. These include Audio Conferencing, IVR, Messaging, Ring Back Tones and Audio Streaming.

Market Proven
The IPmedia 3000 is a market-proven media server which enables Network Equipment Providers (NEPs), Application Developers and System Integrators (SIs) to offer Service Providers a compact media server solution targeted towards the carrier environment. Building on AudioCodes’ experience in the VoIP market and with millions of ports deployed, the IPmedia 3000 supports a rich variety of VoIP coders and standard-compliant signaling and call control. The IPmedia 3000 is based on VoIPerfect™ architecture, AudioCodes’ core technology.

Deploy Best-of-Breed Right-Sized Solutions
The IPmedia 3000 matches the density requirements for mid-sized locations in the network while meeting the requirements for a market-ready full-featured media-processing server. The IPmedia 3000 is specifically fine-tuned to meet demand, with a density of up to 2016 voice ports which provide high capacity for the entire spectrum of interactive voice services. The small footprint of the IPmedia 3000 Media Server is especially attractive for central office locations where space is at a premium.

Advanced Security Suite
With the advent of VoIP, security is becoming more and more important. The IPmedia 3000 addresses service providers’ security concerns, offering advanced security capabilities which include SRTP, TLS, IPSec and SSL.

Strong points
• Ideal Carrier Class, IMS-compliant Media Server
• Acts as MRFP (based on H.248) or MRF (SIP) network element
• Enables enhanced voice services on next generation converged packet based networks such as: 3G & 4G Mobilenetworks, PacketCable and Triple/Quadruple play and Fixed VoIP networks
• Provides High Definition wideband VoIP coder functionality, facilitating a new dimension of voice call quality and clarity
• Delivers a cost-effective right-sized solution for high capacity deployments that demand full-featured server functionality
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