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Teles Ecotel VoIP1

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TELES GSM gateways for connectivity between IP, GSM and ISDN

• GSM gateways offering up to 8 channels VoIP and GSM
• GSM gateways between VoIP, ISDN and GSM
• VoIP to GSM and GSM to VoIP
• Effective least cost routing (LCR) through intelligent local SIM management
• SIM card server integration
• Complete ECOTEL® ISDN functionality
• Monitoring and SIM management software
• SIP-based VoIP GSM Gateway

The VoIP GSM gateway ECOTEL® VoIP is based on the SIP protocol (session initiation protocol) and offers eight VoIP channels, so eight VoIP to GSM connections can be established simultaneously. The device supports all common codes. ECOTEL® VoIP stores CDRs (call detail records) for each call. With the ECOTEL® VoIP software it is possible to monitor channel statistics and channel statuses.

VoIP GSM gateways of the type ECOTEL® VoIP provide reliable, cost-effective connections between IP, GSM and ISDN networks. Typical applications are least cost routing (VoIP GSM gateway integrated with an existing IP or ISDN PBX), connectivity for mobile offices or distributed applications with multiple VoIP GSM gateways (within the same IP-network plus central configuration and monitoring software).

The number of GSM channels is scalable up to a total of eight, and the GSM modules are compatible with all types of GSM networks (GSM 850/900/1800/1900/R). ECOTEL® VoIP can simultaneously route up to eight IP calls to GSM. It offers a built-in antenna splitter which ensures easy installation with a maximum of two antennas.

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