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Sintel Pre-sales services

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Depending on the size and/or degree of importance of your project, Sintel will make its technical expertise available to you at no charge so as to help you design and/or validate your projects and those of your customers via the following services:

Audit: Sintel’s teams can help you inspect your infrastructure, define requirements and indentify potential solutions that take account of network and other constraints.

Modelling: so as to ensure the solution is appropriate, our engineers will perform laboratory validation and let you try a functional model in one of our showrooms.

At your request, our engineers can also install an on-site platform, thereby enabling your customer to determine the pertinence of their choice of investment by trying out the product in their own environment. Two options are possible:
Loan of the product: products can be installed on-site for 30 days at a cost of 15% of their outright purchase value. Such loans are subject to availability of stock and to a preliminary review.
Try and Buy: products can be ordered by the customer subject to return within 15 days of delivery if they do not meet requirements, in which case a credit note will be issued for the full value of the products ordered.

However it should be noted that either form of on-site model must obligatorily be associated with an installation assistance or training module.
Product Range
 ProductProduct codeDescription
 ModellingSERV-MDValidation and presentation by our engineers of a functional modeldevis
 Loan of productSERV-LOANProducts can be borrowed and installed on-site for 30 daysdevis
 Try and BuySERV-T-BProducts can be ordered in Try & Buy and returned within 15 days of delivery if they do not meet requirementsdevis
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