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LOGICnow provides the world’s leading integrated IT Service Management platform.
They have a passion to help IT professionals win through technology. They do this by putting in their hands a set of powerful, intuitive and integrated tools that give them visibility and allow them to get control over an increasingly fragmented technology landscape, empowering them to deliver business advantage for their customers and organizations. Their integrated IT Service Management platform is cloud-based, full-featured and easy to implement via a simple unified dashboard. It integrates best-of-breed technologies into a single coherent environment that reduces the maintenance burden faced by IT professionals, allowing them to focus on the things that will differentiate their businesses in the competitive, connected business world in which they operate.
LogicNow’s product portfolio is contained under the name of Max Remote Management, and includes seven modules into a single dashboard that integrates antivirus, patch management, web protection, monitoring services, remote control of workstations, backup and asset tracking.


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