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Voice over IP, Video, Virtualization, Unified Communications, Mobility:

The use, the kind and the volume of data exchanged keep evolving. It’s on that observation that Sintel chose to turn its offer Enterprise towards Security and Telecommunication, and the convergence of both of them. What would be a vocal/fax server without an Anti-virus or a Voice over IP environment on a saturated and not prioritized network…? (Those products are mainly intended for our clients, Integrators, Editors, and Resellers and will help them offer turnkey solutions to their clients) Telecommunications: Nowadays, solutions exist to facilitate the convergence in real time of all means of communications (email, fax, phone, and mobile phone, presence, video, conference…) whatever the terminal or its localization, hence productivity improvements:
- Convergence of traditional phones, phones over IP and mobile phones
- Unified Communications
- Vocal and/or Interactive Video Server
- Network fax, Fax over IP
- Call center…

Security: security of information is essential because communications (data, voice, video), networks (computer and telecom networks) and equipments (desktops, servers, and phones…) need a protection unfailing and a surveillance at all time:
- Anti-Virus and Firewall for every computer, server, mobile phones; Message filtering; Web
- Managed Security; server, PC, and peripheral supervision
- Voice Authentication
- Session Border Controller (Topology Hiding, Call Admission Control…)
- Monitoring, Optimization and Acceleration of your LAN and WAN


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