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In the carrier market we know how important it is to be flexible and to propose innovative solutions. Our offer includes selected products to address Core Network, VAS, CPEs, and more...


Unified Communication & Security are two key items for the enterprises. Our role is to help them integrating their traditional communication systems with new technologies (VoIP, GSM, UM, Video…) and to help them protecting their data.


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Altaro VM Backup v6.5 : 33 times faster !

Altaro just released the latest version of VM Backup v6.5. This update includes the number 1 requested feature for the last 6 months, Change Block Tracking (CBT). This will give a speed boost of up to 33 times on incremental backups!
CBT will reduce backup duration significantly by eliminating the need to scan for changes before each backup. Scanning for changes normally takes up most of the incremental backup duration. By eliminating the need to scan for changes before each backup entirely, CBT ensures that backups can be completed up to 33 times faster! CBT only affects customers running Hyper-V as VMware already includes CBT.
For all customers having a valid SMA the upgrade is FREE ! Upgrading to v6.5 is seamless and the same license key can be used. All settings will be retained and no backups will be lost in the transition.
To upgrade now click on http://www.altaro.com/vm-backup/download_update.


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