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In the carrier market we know how important it is to be flexible and to propose innovative solutions. Our offer includes selected products to address Core Network, VAS, CPEs, and more...


Unified Communication & Security are two key items for the enterprises. Our role is to help them integrating their traditional communication systems with new technologies (VoIP, GSM, UM, Video…) and to help them protecting their data.


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Eicon to Purchase Intel's Dialogic Division


Eicon Networks Corporation and Intel Corporation today announced that they have signed an agreement for Intel to sell the assets of its media and signaling business to Eicon.
The acquisition is expected to allow Eicon to become a leading player in the media processing and signaling market segment. The sale will enable Intel to focus its investments on its core communications and embedded businesses, including Intel® Architecture and network processors, modular communications platforms and optical modules. The transaction is expected to close in approximately four to six weeks and is subject to regulatory review and normal closing conditions. Financial terms are not being disclosed.
Intel’s media and signaling business includes all of the product lines from Intel’s Dialogic acquisition, as well as Host Media Processing (HMP) software and HMP-enabled blades. Intel’s complete line of SS7, PBX integration and gateway solutions are also included in the sale.
With Eicon’s complementary Diva Server line of products, it is anticipated that the acquisition will enable Eicon to provide enhanced enterprise and service provider offerings to current Eicon and Intel customers as well as future customers. Eicon plans to continue to work closely with Intel as an active member of the Intel® Communication Alliance.


Envox Launches Envox CT ADE 9.1

Envox announces today the launch of Envox CT ADE™ 9.1. Envox CT ADE 9.1 builds on version 9.0 introducing a set of additional features that support VoIP-based solutions, including:
- Upgraded HMP support – Support for Intel® Host Media Processing (HMP) software release 2.0...Read more

Kaspersky Lab presents Malware Evolution

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions that protect against viruses, Trojans, worms, hacker attacks, spyware and spam, presents the second part of "Malware Evolution 2005".

The report is a continuation of the first part, published on http://www.viruslist.com in February 2006.
Yury Mashevsky, a Kaspersky Lab virus analyst, provides an overview of the criminalization of the Internet, looking at issues of relevance to both end users and IT professionals with an interest in malicious code. Topics examined include the changing focus of criminal groups, interaction between criminal groupings and the antivirus industry, and technologies such as rootkits used to increase profits through cyber crime. The report also includes an extensive list of recommendations for users.
The report concludes, by stating that "2005 shows that cybercriminals are likely to continue to focus on mobile devices and the financial sector. However, rootkits, botnets, cyber blackmail and other criminal activities are likely to remain widespread."
Malware Evolution 2005 is available here. Information contained in the report may be reproduced as long as the source and the author are cited.

...Read more

Eicon Networks announces SS7 support

Eicon Networks announces new software to provide SS7 signaling protocol support for its Diva Server product line. The new Diva Server SoftSS7 software enables all existing or new applications written to any of the Diva Server APIs, including CAPI, to operate seamlessly in both ISDN and SS7/ISUP...Read more
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