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Welcome in our FAQ section!

You should find in this section answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about our products.

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How did Envox arrive at these price points ?

For the past few months, a team comprised of sales, marketing and finance has been evaluating our pricing strategy against those of the competition world wide. We reviewed both list pricing and street pricing – that is, the actual prices at ...

What are the new features in Envox 7 ?

Envox 7 includes the following new capabilities which will drive revenues for service providers and dramatically improve efficiency and customer service operations for enterprises:

Video Communication
Video communication, ...


What if I have outstanding quotes for Envox 6 and/or have already quoted Envox 7 licenses at a different price point, will Envox honor that pricing?

Quel est le protocole de signalisation recommandé pour une connexion sur PABX ?

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