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Emails get stuck in the Exchange queue, with an error 444

Check the NTFS security settings on drop and pickup folders. The rights must be set to “full” for authenticated users.


How Can I remove the Zetafax Exchange Connector on my exchange server?

Open the Power shell, and run "get-foreignconnector | fl" to display the Fax identity name, then run the “remove-foreignconnector-identity" command with the correct name.


Is it possible to receive the same faxes for multiple users?

It is not possible to open a Zetafax client simultaneously by using the same account of Zetafax. But, It is possible to route the faxes to a Zetafax group. All users associated to the group will be able to see the faxes received by this group. ...


I have installed Kaspersky BusinessSpace Security European Edition on a Windows 7 workstation, and then I have no more access to internet. What should I do?

Check if there is no Trend Micro or a personal firewall installed on the machine. You need to uninstall the application Trend Micro Client/Server Security Agent whichis incompatible with Kaspersky. Make sure that all items of Trend are well ...


I have the following configuration: Lync server with Mediant 1000 MSBG (FW Version: 6.20A.034.004), Trunk1 on PBX Alcatel 4400 (T2).

The problem is that the ISDN stack rejects illegal information element. The solution should be to remove the calling name using one of the methods below:
(User’s Manual version 6.0 Page 400)
Web/EMS: Remove CLI when

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