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Who can become a Sintel reseller ?

Our offer is available for all companies who are involved in the Information and Communication Technologies sector who trade, produce or resell such products. To become a Sintel reseller a company must have one of the following statements, or similar, in its registered commercial objectives :
" ... assembly and commercialisation of products of the telecommunication sector in general, retail or wholesale distribution of electronic, computer, telephony, data communications products, services and accessories...."

How to become a Sintel reseller ?

To be registered as a Sintel reseller you should send the following information :

• The Company Identification Form with our Terms & Conditions of sale signed by the customer and the company stamp or seal applied
• A recent proof of your commercial registration
• Proof of VAT registration and of your VAT number

• by Fax at +390 64 74 22 71
• by email at info@sintel.com

All forms have to be completed and signed by an authorized person and must include the firm's stamp.
Within 48 hours you will receive your account details which will allow you to start trading with Sintel.

Payment Conditions

If you don't have a credit line with us:

• you must pay by Bank Transfer with the order

If you already have a credit line with us and are within your credit limit:

• your terms of payment will be by Bank Transfer at 30 days from date of invoice.

To obtain a credit line it is easy, please send us folowing documents by fax at +390 64 74 22 71.

• Your Credit Line Request Form duly completed
• Your company's latest audited accounts

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